It seems to depend on the Firewire driver used. The results seem quite good, maybe sometimes a bit ‘hard’. Well if this works you are a hero, as this fix or similar originally used an earlier version of the. The scan resolution shows here that dpi printing resolution will scale the 35 mm image to I think I’ll have to be a bit more patient. There is a preference setting to scan the Previews with the Index scan, handy if doing several about 2 minutes to index six, and over 5 minutes for index and preview for all six 35 mm frames, without focus.

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Probably doesn’t have anything to do with this file. Thanks for sharing this info and file! The other 2 I bought as repair projects and now work correctly. The results seem quite good, maybe sometimes a bit ‘hard’. Regards Yvan Yes, I guess you’re right.

Some years ago I compiled a list of Minolta scanner variants with full official af-28220u and article codes: To be honest, I just found few versions of. They said LaserSoft had been trying to get the necessary technical information from Sony so that they could implement iSRD using the KM IR channel and also provide SF for those scanners with new operating systems without reverse engineering. Minopta scanner is not speedy, but speed depends on many things, image area, image exposure, computer speed, saving to disk, and focusing auto focus takes 50 seconds each, but manual focus or VueScan focus is much faster.


It seems that Digital Ice in the only new thing on newer scanners. Only problem is that it’s an orphan product, and when it goes kaput, I doubt if ac-2820u will mniolta any convenient repair service on it. There are some caveats however: But I’ll keep looking for one, I’ll keep you posted.

Connect your scanner and turn it on with doors closed. Thanks Tuomas, I’ve had a look at your gallery, nice, esp. Most of the pictures in my gallery are scanned with scan dual II. Thats excellent news for windows users! The histogram has another Auto Setting button, which is never disabled, and minoltx works like Photoshop’s Auto Levels, adjusting the three RGB Points individually, shown below by the three White Point settings.

Searching the web, the new file seems to originate from here: The software can output 8 or 16 bit data 12 bit data in 16 bit words as usual or 16 bit linear uncorrected data. There is much less clipping and sharpening.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II AF2820U

I have to think about it, because of the non-servicability I’m sorry, that’s probably not even a word, not a native speaker so I have to make stuff up sometimes. Well if this works you are a hero, as this fix or similar originally used an af-2820y version of the.

I’ll start a new thread if this is wrong: The Curve tool is fully functional, and it also shows the results of the other settings, very instructional to show how things work. Personally, I don’t use Digital Ice.

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The Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II film scanner

I also lifted the center of the curve slightly higher to increase brightness gamma. When installation will a-f2820u finished reboot if necessary.

You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum. I’ve been using the Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II belongs to work for about a year and its been very good and I’ve been happy with the scans.

I want to buy a ninolta slides, negatives for a friend of mine, but she doesn’t have a lot of money.

I’ll try it and report back. Edited by vitor – 01 October at I think I’ll have to be a bit more patient.

The scaled output print size is shown if the Units are selected as inches or cm, instead of pixels.