Remove the cassette from the printer by grasping it and firmly pulling straight out. The illustrations here depict the sheet feeder, but apply also to the sheet size. These often tell you the cause of the problem. Sheet feeder with sheet U. Printing paper or envelopes with the manual feed tray.

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Take out the printed sheet, turn it over, and print the second side using manual feed, inserting the sheet as shown here.

You can also use this tray to print on envelopes and other nonstandard paper sizes. Align the paper with the guides and keep it straight so it feeds correctly.

Setting the backstop between notches or to an unmarked notch may result in a printing error.

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Insert a sheet of paper or envelope as shown. Printing paper or envelopes with the manual feed tray. Selext and set aside the paper cassettes from both the printer and the sheet feeder. Follow these steps to print a document using both sides of the paper. Stack the paper on the tray and adjust the paper guides so they just touch the paper, but still allow it to lie flat.

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If you don’t want to install it, you can feed individual sheets of paper with the manual feed tray. If Background Printing is turned on in the Macintosh Chooser, a message on your screen asks you to insert a sheet. Always check the status lights first when a printing problem lsserwriter.

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Sheet feeder with sheet A4 cassette. Only the flashing Paper Out Light indicates when a sheet is needed. Click OK if the paper is ready. The optional sheet feeder looks and works exactly like the built-in feeder that forms the lower portion of your printer.

The laxerwriter fits into the manual feed opening and feeds up to 50 sheets or 5 envelopes. Open the document you want or select its icon in the Macintosh Finder. Always use manual feed for printing the second side. Make sure the envelope is centered and insert it firmly until you hear a click.

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Envelope cassette that feeds up to 30 envelopes fits the standard or optional sheet feeder. Set the sheet feeder on a flat, stable surface and lower the printer over it so the sides are exactly aligned. Load the letterhead and three-hole punched paper as shown.


appls To avoid jams, don’t load already printed pages into the paper cassette. If the rear bracket needs adjustment, squeeze both sides and slide it until the top lip fits over the stack of envelopes.

Print the first side of the page using manual feed or the paper cassette. Legal cassette fits the standard or optional sheet feeder. The cassette can accept U. Push the black latch and snap the tray into position.

Automatic sheet paper feeder. If you want to use paper that is different from the paper in the cassette, you can use the manual feed tray to insert sheets one at a time as the document is printed. You don’t have to install the tray if you don’t want to use it. The cassette supplied with your printer holds up to sheets of copier-weight bond paper.

The illustrations here depict the sheet feeder, but apply also to the sheet size. The multipurpose tray can accept U.